Friday, December 14, 2012

Congrats To Sherri of That's scrap & Dawn of Thyme Graphics

As many of you have know I speak my mind when I see the need. Now is that time There is a CREEP as Miss Penny Duncan has properly labeled him He has bee going around purposely causing issues and has badmouthed these two ladies and they have been ladies in handling this matter, and the both have their Trademark paper work that shows that THEY DO INDEED OWN THE TRADE NAME OF THE BLACK CAT COUGAR AND THE SILVER BULLET and the proper variations of it. and Miss Penn has summed it all up in a well said post so I am linking to her post and I would love to have you read it too. 
Thank you all and Have a very special weekend.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

That's Scrap Fabric Blade Challenge blog hop

Sorry I am running late things here in the home front have been rough this week.
I am proud to say at the age of 51 I have embarked on a new challenge in life I am now enrolled in college and in the winter term if all goes well I will start nursing school.
Ok for this challenge we are to  create an item using fabric. I ironed the fabric to fusible webbing the cut with the Silver Bullet pro which can be found here I use the speeds of 300 and the force of 50 the fabric is cotton
the dress and the balloons were cut of fabric and Ironed on to the card stock.

Elizabeth -
Lisa Howell -
Rhonda -
Mary Kobe -
Penny Duncan -

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Engraving on a canning lid flat

Tonight I was thinking and washing some canning lid flats that i use on jars when just storing items that have been opened and I said to myself I wonder if I can engrave on this so to my craft room I went with the lid. This is the first time I have ever thought of engraving one one of these lids, laid it on my mat taped it in place but it didn't need it it adhered to the mat just fine got the engraving tip out of my storage container and placed it in the Silver Bullet set the spacing and origin using Sure cuts A lot 3 imported my svg I did the crosshatch fill in Inkscape and saved then I double checked my origin on the machine using the force of 133 and the speed of 400 I let it go, and the end result first time not bad at all.

Also here are some Blogs that are also posting about this new and awesome Cutter:
These wonderful Ladies are sharing information and what they have done so far.
here are the results.

New Silver Bullet Professional Cutter. YEA

 I just received my new machine and I love it. I got the 24" Silver Bullet Pro and I also have my 18" Black Cat Cougar cutter and in the days ahead I will post comparison cuts between the two.
Also here are some Blogs that are also posting about this new and awesome Cutter:
These wonderful Ladies are sharing information and what they have done so far.
here are a few I have done :
 this was engraved using Sure cuts a Lot3 and the Silver Bullet Cutter it is 3.5 by4.5
 this one is 5" x6" again cut with Sure Cuts a Lot 3 and Silver Bullet
 These two items are a couple of my very first cuts with the Silver Bullet, Sherri from-   has always issued a challenge to me to cut small 3D items
 these two you can see the size and detail

This doily is 3.5 x 3.5.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Black Cat Lynx

Thank you Lisa for allowing us to use your post wording you said it very well.

Hi all!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sherri over at Thats Scrap. Inc has the superb Black Cat Lynx for $399.99 which is in itself an awesome deal...but no, that's not good enough! If you order one in the next few days, you will not only get one of the best cutters out on the market, can either get a free software or free shipping. You will need to purchase the machine and send Sherri an email (or include it with your purchase in the little box for comments) letting her know if you would rather have free shipping or a free software and she will either include the software in your shipment or refund, through Pay-Pal, the shipping charges right after purchase. Just click here to will NOT regret it!! The machine is absolutely AWESOME and the customer service provided with and after the purchase is supreme!

Thanks for stopping by and come again soon!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

uscutter machines and Amy Chomas tools

 just not getting to the blog as much as I would like. today this blog is for a Dear lady Amy Chomas,. I had sent her what the company of the us cutter MH series  machines refers to as a pen tool, sad it is a small metal tube like tool but you have to use only the insides of an ink pen and some styles just don't work. well we emailed a few time with sizing and she goes do you think that the sharpie holder for the cameo we have designed  would fit? I was not sure but willing to give it a try and here are the results using both Make-the-cut and Sure Cuts a Lot. if you have a us cutter machine and would like to uses any sharpie and or pen contact Amy at her site here: and she will be happy to help you with your purchase of the pen tool for the us cutter. machines. I used both MTC and Scal to show that the MH-871 can be used with either program.

Friday, June 15, 2012

3D sardine shaped box with pull top

Hi I  thought 
I would share my photo of my latest play. Idea came from seeing a sardine shaped flat card. I thought to myself this would make a great gift box and they would have to open it by pulling the tab and the top opens like a can and we have some simple challenges going on on the Blackcatus forum the theme of today's was do something the use flowers in some way well I incorporated them to my box. and this is what I came up with.

Friday, September 9, 2011

September BlackCat mini crop this weekend


September Fall and Halloween mini crop at the black cat forum starts tonight at 6 p.m. and runs til Sunday nigh. for the first project you will find the completed project over at a Dear friends Blog:;

Thanks Sheri she had asked for the Bag and so we both thought it would be great that she post the completed project and I post the file. Decorate it to suit you following the fall and or Halloween theme. as Sheri has asked.

and the second Challenge is for you to decorate this Halloween haunted house.

please remember the mini crop does not start til 6p.m. and all finished images are to be posted there on the Black cat forum.