Tuesday, July 20, 2010

oh well lets call this a triple decker day

oh well had a few extra minutes to up load so lets add some more. As for most i do not try to be fancy in the coloring as these are cut files and we all know we choose what ever paper suits our needs.

sad day All files will be offered on a basis of me emailing them out as i have been made aware that many of my files are being used for people to make money off them even after clearly stating many times they are for personal use only.

double dip today postings

more file images to view.
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Link is now expired.

more files for you all.

Well i know it has been a few days but at last here i am posting a few more for you to enjoy.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Little different type of files today for a change

Well decided a change instyle for a bit might help my non creative mood.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

and a few more

and her are the final ones posted for today. check to the right and look at the other posts for more choices.

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some more files to play with

Here are some more files i thought I might get up here today since i will be rather busy the next couple of days and might not get back to this little hide-away.

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Link is now expired.

More files to have fun

well I know it is hard to beleive i have made it twice in one day but what can i say finally got those few extraminutes to get some more uploaded to my sharing account and that is more of a chore than thinking of what to do.
Ok let the fun begin.
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More note pads

and more of those little animals made so they could be used for note pads. So far today there are a monkey head a Monkey and a pigeon and a panda head and a Dino hatching all these may be used in other ways also other than just note pads. OK now it seems I have not got this uploading to this blog all figured out every time yet and I do make mistakes, so the girls on the Make-The-Cut Forum are nice enough to let me know when the links are not right. I thank them very much for this because if it were not for them i may have not started to do some postings of files other than to the MTC gallery. I do not ask for comments on the files but do request that they be used for personal use only and not be posted anywhere in any file format. Please Share your finished work with others but have them come back her for the files.

Link is now expired.

hopefully later today there will be and owl, penguin, a deer head and a cow head might even get the pig head done and posted. but for now I am leaving you to download and enjoy the day.