Thursday, April 1, 2010

New blog

Hi I am starting this because I have a few things I like to share. There is a fairly new program out called Make-the-Cut. it allows you the freedom to do many things with your Cricut machines and blue wish blade craft robo and a few other cutters. The forum has many helpful individuals and I use this word because we have some genntlemen who are great, we are seeing more and more of them which I and other welcome them as this is not just for ladies. Andy the Maker of this wonderful program has and still making the program great, with each update and yes a new version already there are so many ways this can be used. Ther are even those using it to cut gaskets for their automobiles. I will say a great big thank you to all those wonderful people. OK now I have many files and they are offered in the gallery of this wonderful program. I am not going to promise daily posting as life gets in the way of that.

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