Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3D Wreath Image

Today I decided to make yet another 3D item and it's not animal related today. LOL The girls were teasing me yesterday that I was going to have to make a trophy room for the like the hunters do, not just put them in my sons room he did not mind. today my choice of pojects is a 3 D Holly leaf wreath.Let me just say in my mind I could see it and all the pieces fit but it was a challenge to get it all together as my mind wanted it to go but finished project was the outcome. This is not a beginner file that is for sure. file is not being shared at this time til I get ann the instructions wrote out. and that will take a bit. Thank you for looking.

and the bear I did yesterday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

image share only 3D animal heads

A Lady named Kathy put me to a challenge the otherday and I not only got the item she wanted but two more I was on a roll and then DD came in and said oh mommy I want a bear and a elk and and and I said hold your horses little girl I can only do one at a time. I knew it has been a while sine I posted but it is summer time and kids are home for a few more weeks. so here is my image share.
I am not sharing the files for these at this time.

it took about 5 hours from the time I started making the file til the final project was done and that was for each.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

just a image share of a card I made

hello we have a crop going on at the blackcatus forum and one of the challenges was make a card with a limited size piece of paper and the rest had to be anything but paper. so here is what I made using laminate sheets and alcohol inks and some very thin decorating foil.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Black Cat Christmas in July Crop challenge 11

this is Challenge 11 for the BlackCat forum Christmas in July crop.

this one can hold a gift card and some candy plus is made so that the front flap can be decorated and used as a card the inner box can slide out or you don't have to use it give alternate use and look.

BlackCat Christmas in July Crop challenge 10

hello this is Challenge 10 in the Christmas in July blog hop this one you can use the files provided to make a flip top box and decorate it. I made mine into an elf.

file no longer availible.

Christmas in July Crop at the Black Cat forum

this is Challenge 12. This is a triangular square bottomed gift bag with a window cut out that can be deleted in the file to make a solid bag. the images show when flaps fold down and opened it is square and when closed gives the look of triangled and square decorate and fill and close makes a nice bag for treats and or a candle bag for gift giving.