Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3D Wreath Image

Today I decided to make yet another 3D item and it's not animal related today. LOL The girls were teasing me yesterday that I was going to have to make a trophy room for the like the hunters do, not just put them in my sons room he did not mind. today my choice of pojects is a 3 D Holly leaf wreath.Let me just say in my mind I could see it and all the pieces fit but it was a challenge to get it all together as my mind wanted it to go but finished project was the outcome. This is not a beginner file that is for sure. file is not being shared at this time til I get ann the instructions wrote out. and that will take a bit. Thank you for looking.

and the bear I did yesterday.


  1. What a beautiful wreath
    hugs linda

  2. I'm stalking your blog while waiting for the wreath - its is beautiful!

  3. That wreath looks awesome! I will keep an eye out for the file!