Friday, June 3, 2011

Well Please dont read this if you don't like to hear things being said from someone who is upset

I made made a post of how I like what all my Cougar does and that it cuts anything from paper to plastic even balsa wood and then made sure if they wanted to email me I could give them the information to all the forums so they could be wellinformed as to questions on their Black Cat as I have done since I have offered tech support for the cougars and that will not change I have never bashed MTC nor will. I do not sell any thing and I do not take them away from MTC, I have It is a great program but have no clue as to why he would pm this I have been on that forum and helped since the beginning of the MTC forum and then things started going down hill because there is a group there who has a personal vendetta against the Black cat and some left with good reason to. I am upset that he would read private messages from one forum member to another and that it was just to offer them one on one help off the forum so it could be faster with out getting to much imput from tomany people as it can cause confusion for some. so here is what he said to me. in a pm this may get me banned from there so if it does there are links to the other forums I visit so please if you need my help email me or find me here. and

here is what it says since it showed up so small.

Andy 4:46PM
If I hear any more about you guys sitting in the forum bleachers picking off my customers trying to get them to move forums or buy products in PMs, you all will be banned without notice. Consider this a final warning.

You have your own forums... there is no reason for you to be here. Your intentions for being here have soured over the past weeks and I won't put up with spammers any longer.

This is my reply back as I thought I had to address his rudeness.

I am not a spammer. I have been here thru all the times and even strongly supported the forum and you while you went thru all the crap PC has done to you , I have gave an opinion like I have all along I have mentioned another forum to people yes but from emails i have seen is you have told Cougar owner to go to the Black cat forum for help also.There is no reason that people can not belong to more than one forum ,lord knows I belong to at least 5 forums. it appears that I can not tell them about the other forum but everyone I help has already bought the MTC program and the cutters of their choice. I do not sell any products I would like to know what I did that made you make such a nasty pm to me

I am not a spammer and I have paid for my MTC just like everyone else has so I do have a right to be there too.
Does he not understand that running people off his forum is not good for his business.


  1. HUGS and see you on the BC USA forum my friend!

  2. OMG!!!!!! Oh Rachel.......this is SO hurtful and sad....very very VERY sad!!!!! I'm so sorry you've had to endure this pain......sending you a HUGE cyber ((((HUG))))!!!!!!

  3. Sorry Rachell. Trust me when I tell you I know how you feel.

  4. I'm so sorry to here that. I don't understand why people have to hurt each other. Big hugs

  5. I am so sorry. I don't understand some peoples apparent lack of loyalty to their biggest supporters. Motives and conspiracies are being assigned where there are none. I have watched and hurt for all of ya'll. I have seen this type of thing happen in very small businesses before. It is usually due to lack of business experience and immaturity with maybe a little ego thrown in for good measure. You have done nothing wrong, but you already know that.

  6. I don't get it, I just don't get it!!!

  7. Hey RachellAnn, SO sorry to hear this!! I know how much this must hurt.

    So very sad to see this....

  8. I wish I could say this surprised me Rachell, but it doesn't. I also did a PM that I wonder will get flagged. I really hate walking on eggshells, and that's what it's getting to be like there. I agree with Elsa. It's a small business mentality. They are reacting on a personal level instead of a business level and they are alienating some of their strongest supporters from the past. It's a shame.


  9. I'm sorry for your pain, Rach. My grandmother used to tell me, "Just because someone else is being a horse's a** doesn't mean you have to be." I commend you, RachellAnn, for responding directly to the one who hurt you (without cause), and for not going all over the place spewing vitriol as some are prone to do.

  10. RachellAnn, I am so sorry to hear about the hurtful words. Sadly with writing messages, there can easily be an error in misunderstanding what someone is trying to say. I would hope that he misunderstood a situation and reacted before thinking things through. I know I have been guilty of doing that before. You have always been extremely helpful at the MTC forum, not to mention encouraging and generous. I will pray that healing and restoration will happen for you both.

    Im a cutter

  11. Rach - I'm sorry. It is unfortunate that he feels the need to bash some of his most loyal supporters because of what cutter they choose to use. I love his program, not his forum so much any more. I can't say I am surprised, he and Ann are "hiding" they are online often and looking over the shoulder and either ignoring certain posts, deleting them, or sending them to the back of the forums to page 312. Only thing I can figure is that they figure the black cats were sold to pre-existing MTC customers so they weren't making $ there and that KNK convinced them that their KNK users would come buy MTC AND they would pickup new sales with new KNK sales BECAUSE MTC was so much cheaper then software KNK was offering. Thing they are missing is that loyal MTC and Cougar users would have brought in new sales too. Now - instead of keeping both markets open and viable they seem to want to forsake the Cougars. in the end, their loss i am afraid. I'm not sure what they want on their forum - it appears no help for BC users but they don't want us to point to the BC forums either for help. I suspected that they could and were monitoring pms as well. Guess I was right. Sorry to hear that, again - it was a way to keep the "cougar" talk they didn't want off their forum. Chin up. Thanks for all your sharing to all users no matter then cutters or software of choice.

  12. OMG!
    I just took a look at page 312 and I see what you mean, that is just plain disgusting!

  13. Rachellann you are such an awesome helping and caring person. I am so sorry you are going through this nonsense. I hope it stops soon, one way or another. I will always follow you and learn and grow.
    Super big virtual hug


  14. Wow, really unbelievable. Sorry for all the trouble you are going through. Totally unfair and unprofessional.

  15. Rachellann, I have not been on the forums much lately because of my MIL and her surgery and taking care of hubbies parents. I don't know what I missed but can't believe all this is happening. I'm sorry for the way things have turned around.

  16. Bless your heart. This was a cutting ( no pun intended) pm he sent you. People on forum mention all sorts of things. Talking about the cutter they use often explains a project they are trying. I was looking into buying MTC but I'm not liking the attitude.

    Hang in ther girl. You are a very kind and generous woman. Please don't let his comments disourage you. As I posted in an earlier post; I would love to have you join our Silhoutte Plus Group Forum. We have folks from every where who use all osrt of cutters and they are a friendly bunch.

    Good luck and thand you for all of your generousity.