Wednesday, April 13, 2011

taberone look-a-like box and an oldfashioned candy gum box- and a hat band box

Hello again i just finished a few more files the one is a band box,

Link is now expired.

the next is a triangel box made to look like the taberone box. below is the origrinal image i saw.

Link is now expired.

my image of the box i made.

and an old fashioned candy box a half and gum half box the gum half hold 12 sticks. original image from the net.

my image.


  1. These are all pretty cool! I am thrilled to see how to do the pull out on the triangle box. I had an idea for something like this on a different project. Seeing the mechanics will be a huge help. You are always so clever!!! I love your work. The hat boxes are just gorgeous!!

    Im a cutter

  2. Love your boxes! Is it possible to get them in svg form ?

  3. Thanks for the boxes. I love boxes and yours are beautiful.

  4. Yes i think they are wonderful.....would love to have them in svg.