Thursday, July 26, 2012

Engraving on a canning lid flat

Tonight I was thinking and washing some canning lid flats that i use on jars when just storing items that have been opened and I said to myself I wonder if I can engrave on this so to my craft room I went with the lid. This is the first time I have ever thought of engraving one one of these lids, laid it on my mat taped it in place but it didn't need it it adhered to the mat just fine got the engraving tip out of my storage container and placed it in the Silver Bullet set the spacing and origin using Sure cuts A lot 3 imported my svg I did the crosshatch fill in Inkscape and saved then I double checked my origin on the machine using the force of 133 and the speed of 400 I let it go, and the end result first time not bad at all.

Also here are some Blogs that are also posting about this new and awesome Cutter:
These wonderful Ladies are sharing information and what they have done so far.
here are the results.

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