Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Silver Bullet Professional Cutter. YEA

 I just received my new machine and I love it. I got the 24" Silver Bullet Pro and I also have my 18" Black Cat Cougar cutter and in the days ahead I will post comparison cuts between the two.
Also here are some Blogs that are also posting about this new and awesome Cutter:
These wonderful Ladies are sharing information and what they have done so far.
here are a few I have done :
 this was engraved using Sure cuts a Lot3 and the Silver Bullet Cutter it is 3.5 by4.5
 this one is 5" x6" again cut with Sure Cuts a Lot 3 and Silver Bullet
 These two items are a couple of my very first cuts with the Silver Bullet, Sherri from-   has always issued a challenge to me to cut small 3D items
 these two you can see the size and detail

This doily is 3.5 x 3.5.


  1. OMG GIRL!!!!! These are AMAZING!!!!! I've also added you to the Review Links on my blog on the left hand side!!!!

  2. Awesome Rachel!! Will create a link back here!