Friday, May 6, 2011

free 16oz tumbler cup box

This is a box for those plastic 16 ounce cups many are decorating and someone mentioned wanting a box.So here it is.
The image is the Tests cut Made by Laura (aka Birdy on the MTC fourm) I did not have the cup so Birdy willing did the test cuts and the photo Thank you very much.

the green one in the middle was the thrid try and the right one, yes lid for i also.

There are no tou with this as i know it will be used with those selling the cups.


  1. Just love it!!!! Can use the box for so many other things too. It is cute, cute, cute! Thanks to much for sharing your file.

  2. How awesome, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing

  3. Rachell, thank you so much for this file. I can't wait to use it on my next tumber gift! =)

  4. Thanks for sharing this file! I bought boxes for my tumblers but will have to give this a try! Should be great in making a box to match the color(s) on my tumblers!

  5. Thanks for sharing your tumbler box. I was going to cut that today for a gift, but I wasn't sure of the dimensions . Can you give me the dimensions that would be best the pieces?