Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kitchen time

Here are two items that were requested by a lady who loves making boxes of any shape or form. These she has been making for her grand children. Today we have the fridge and stove.

Link is now expired.


  1. These are fabulous Rach! Thanks for sharing on such quick notice and thanks for sharing as always! Your talent is incredible!

  2. so, so cute! love them!

    Christine (MTCFAN)

  3. Hi these are very cute. I have seen several cutting files that I would love to make for my grandchildren but have no idea how to get them. Could you let me know please?

  4. RachellAnn, would love to have these files; I missed them yesterday. As usual your are the MASTER OF BOXES; would love if you emailed me them. MTC curly girl

  5. Omgosh I just found your blog and all your things are wonderful. Would you be interested in selling your fantastic designs in my shop? I would love to have your creative spirit and generous heart to be involved with me.

    Please contact me at cutandcreatedesigns@gmail.com

    I couldn't find your email to email you so I hope this is ok to get your attention!